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People gain influence by making other people believe what they say. Scientists have succeeded to describe the world in a so complicated way that most people find it easier to just trust the so called experts than to think for them self.

Nature and the mind of man is indeed very complex and no people will ever understand all details, but we believe that there are some basic principle in our world which will lead us to a general understanding of it all. The main difference between this understanding, and what we can call modern understanding, is connected to what we expect knowledge to be.

According to modern philosophy, it is ok and may be also preferred by many scientists to believe that nature is paradoxal and contain contradictions.  This means that they can get more money to solve new mysteries which mostly is a consequence of their own problematic theories.  As long as it is accepted that there are no need to unify the explanations of nature, each group of scientist may build up their own theories without expecting critical questions from other scientists and knowledge become segmented in stead of unified.

The alternative philosophy of understanding nature is that there have to be one truth behind one nature and we should therefore not accepted an explanation before it is free from internal paradoxes and also may be verbalized in a way that most people may understand it.

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6. December 2006 Erling Skaar