The model

Why bother with the EM-model?  
- some thoughts from a teacher

Science needs a better foundation!
- some fundamental principle 

An introduction to the EM-model:
1 Creation of matter A presentation of basic articles, forces and principles. 
2 Structuring elements How the em-model explains basic features in different elements
3 Light and matter How a classical oscillations can explain observed electromagnetic radiation.

Many other texts are almost ready for publication, but it is possibly a good advise to try to get them published in other publications as new texts before presenting them in this site.








Erling Skaar, Norway 

-a better foundation for modern science!

Main goal for this web-site:

To present a scientific model which have been systematically neglected in scientific communities.

Some general comments:

This alternative scientific model/theory is under development. The text which is included here have normally not been reviewed by a second person and there may therefore be examples of poor English. The new model/theory have neither been checked against all scientific observations and experiments. In general it is necessary to engage many people to evaluate a new fundamental scientific theory/model and this cannot be done unless many people from different scientific areas firstly hear about these new theories/models and secondly do relevant evaluations in their own field.

Until now, science have proceed because people have questioned different experts and not only accepted  everything from the authorities. It is not scientific to assume that modern science har found the final truth about everything and it is therefore important that new scientific theories meet a real scientific evaluation and not only ignorance.

A general hope is that others sharing my vision, will join me in this effort to spread something that I think more people should hear about. If you find things that are scientificly wrong, please let me know. If you find something useful on this site, just use it, and a link to where you have found it or telling other about it would be nice. The most important things in life seem to be free, and for the benefit of everyone I think that this sort of information also should be free for everyone to spread.

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